«Nur wer die Vergangenheit kennt, hat eine Zukunft.» Wilhelm von Humboldt
Das Brühler Schloss Augustusburg von Westen

English tour with Anja Broich

  • certified tour guide according to the European Guidelines DIN EN of the Federal Association of Tourist Guides in Germany (BVGD)
  • authorized Brühl city guide since may 2000

Join a knowledgeable and entertaining tour to Brühl and Cologne

Together we will discover the history of Brühl right from its medieval origins. Traces of Brühl's past and development up to the present are reflected in this lively town and its more than 730 year old history..

Discover the historical highlights of the town – the former electoral rococo palace Augustusburg (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and its extensive baroque grounds, and stroll along the streets dotted with charming 19th century villas. You will visit the market square with the old Town Hall and a former franciscan monastery founded in 1491, which now serves as part of town hall. The old chapel “Maria von den Engeln”, better known as the Palace Church, shelters the magnificent baroque high altar created by the famous architect Balthasar Neumann. The artist Max Ernst, one of the most important representatives of Dadaism and Surrealism in the 20th century, was born in Brühl. On our way through the city we will follow his footpaths and will learn about his life and his art of the invisible and unconscious. Numerous “Stumble-Stones” (Stolpersteine) remind us of Brühl's jewish inhabitants, who were persecuted and murdered during the Nazi regime. Maybe you finish your day in Brühl with a visit of the Max Ernst Museum, Augustusburg palace, or the inviting Museum of Everyday Life (Museum für Alltagsgeschichte). Brühl is always worth a visit!


The Walking Tour „Highlights of Cologne“ provides an overview of the 2000-year long history and development of the city from a roman colony to the mega-city of today. The tour leads you to the main places of interest in the old city of Cologne: the famous gothic Cathedral, the City Hall, the most important visible roman remains, old market square with the former merchant’s quarter with its narrow houses around romanesque St. Martin’s church, the birthplace of Eau de Cologne and the bank of the river Rhine. Or enjoy a special walking tour which is combined with the visit of the observation deck of the „Triangle Tower“ in Köln-Deutz. Furthermore my offers include classic services such as city tours by bus, tours for children and pupils, guided tours of museums (e.g. chocolate museum, museums for roman history and history of the town) and tours focusing on special topics like „The roman time and life in Cologne“ „DADA Cologne“, „Legends, stories and the Cologne way of life“.

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Kölner Dom und Hohenzollernbrücke